Years of training

Since 2006, AIIT been providing high-quality, low-cost training, internship for Government, career counselling, Job Support and CV writing services. 

Companies hired

More than 270 companies have hired at least one of our graduates and still remain as our long-term partners. This includes Government sector.


Proven Track records. Our team of highly qualified have years of experience in delivering high-quality training  to help achieve your goals.

Resources provided

We provides Software testing articles (17,000+), Ebooks (1,500+), Software Testing Tools (4,000+), ISTQB certification study material (1,000+) and etc

Community Members

Softwaretesters.net is biggest software tester community and resources farm in Asia area with 120,000 members from 150 countries.


Since 2006, AIIT has been providing Tester Job Ready Program and Software testing education including high-quality, low-cost training, career counselling and CV writing services in Asia-Pacific Area. We have worked with hundreds of businesses, trained thousands of students, and we are ready to prepare you.

Delivering extraordinary training and recruitment services to Individuals, New Zealand and New Zealand Government using state of the art facilities, highly qualified instructors and recruitment experts.

Our team of highly qualified, ISTQB certified instructors have years of experience in delivering high-quality training by imparting the skills and knowledge required to help achieve your goals. Our IT training and certification course centres are equipped with state of the art equipment to give you the technical skills to succeed.

Have a team to train? Let us know, and we can tailor a course to suit your requirements and deliver it at your premises. We offer a diverse range of courses from ISTQB

Within our Job Guarantee Plan of Job Ready Program, our highly skilled recruitment team will work hand-in-hand with you and won’t give up until we get you a job. In Internship Plan and Job Interview plan of Job Ready Program, our team works with the candidates to offer skill sets, career guidance and career advice.

AIIT is working with New Zealand IT entities to provide a software tester related service to governments and non-government projects.

AIIT has built its reputation on a commitment to providing quality Job Ready Program and services while rapidly responding to New Zealand and International needs for innovative and accurate Software testing tools. A primary strategy is superior clients and participants satisfaction.

AIIT constantly analyzes market needs around the world to develop a full range of software tester related Job Ready Program and Training. Until now, There are around 2,000 participants has successfully finished our program.

ISTQB Accredited Training Provider

AIIT is ISTQB Accredited Training Provider by ANZTB (http://www.anztb.org/trainingproviders.php) and VTB (https://www.istqb.org/istqb-where-you-are/find-a-training-provider.html). 

AIIT is providing  software testing courses by experienced trainer who gained extensive software testing, quality assurance and project management knowledge and skills. With these courses we train professional software test analysts who can fully participate in IT. The software training courses of AIIT provide students with certificates necessary to work as a professional software test analyst in the IT market. Students who have followed these courses will find it easy to obtain a job as a qualified software tester in the IT industry.


  • 2018 : 
    Achieved ANZTB Cross Accreditation
    Specialist Courses open
    Developed Live Instructor Led Course System 
    Reached 2.000 Participants

  • 2017 :
    Accredited ISTQB Advanced Level Security Tester
    AIIT New Zealand Branch Established
    Reached 120,000 Community Member
    Partnership reached 200 Companies

  • 2016 :
    Accredited ISTQB Advanced Level Test Automation Engineer 
    Developed ISTQB Foundation Online Course
    Reached 100,000 Community Member

  • 2015 :
    Accredited ISTQB Foundation Agile Extension 
    Reached 30,000 resources of articles, ebooks and study materials
    Reached 1,500 Participants, 

  • 2014 :
    Adopt Education ERP System
    Developed ISTQB Foundation Online Course 

  • 2013
    New Zealand Campus Open
    Adopted Software Testing Tool Student Practice System

  • 2012 :
    Reached 20,000 resources of articles, ebooks and study materials
    Reached 1,000 Participants
    Partnership reached 100 companies

  • 2011 : 
    Japan Campus Established
    Reached 50,000 Community Member
    Accredited ISTQB Advanced Level Technical Test Analyst, 

  • 2010 :
    Accredited ISTQB Advanced Level Test Analyst,  
    China Campus Open
    Reached 10,000 resources of articles, ebooks and study materials

  • 2009 : 
    Accredited ISTQB Advanced Level Test Manager,
    Reached 500 Participants, 
    Partnership reached 50 companies

  • 2008 :
    Korea Campus Open
    AIIT Korea Branch Established
    Reached 10,000 Community Member 
    Reached 5,000 resources of articles, ebooks and study materials

  • 2007 :
    Accredited ISTQB Foundation
    Vietnam Campus Open
    AIIT Vietnam Branch Established 

  • 2006 :
    AIIT Headquarter Established