I'm working in New Zealand Government now and wanting to become more professional Automation Tester. Facilitation was outstanding. Very much liked the approach of Job Ready Program. Also liked the fact that Software Testing Project Management was excellent.

Lakshmi N Saxena

Works at Auckland Council

I had a security background however, I decided to refresh my knowledge and change to software testing field as a software tester. I have previously attended other security courses but this AIIT courses were very practical so that I can  implement security testing skill for my place of work. I have found this Job Ready Program really beneficial at this stage of my IT knowledge. It makes more sense and I can put it into context and practice. The ISTQB certified trainer was excellent; he is so captivating and keeps you engaged throughout making it a really enjoyable experience. I got a job offer while I was internship. 

Mankyun Choi

Got a Tester offer from Carjam

Job Ready Program - Security Tester. I thought the training and security testing practice were great. The pace and duration of the class and internship program were appropriate. I have been able to setup some real experiences using knowledge that I have learned from this class. I did 2 months of internship in IT company in Northshore of Auckland, New Zealand. Learned a lot from the internship with much supporting. I feel more comfortable using the software testing, Security testing Tools and analyzing my results. The instructors were also very helpful. After internship, I got a full time job offer. 

Eden Kang

got a full-time Security Tester offer in Auckland

I was working on Electrical industry but wanted to change to Software tester job. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you as a participant for being able to institutionalize the concepts of Software Testing, ISTQB and Software Testing Tools in a more objective and unequivocal manner than is often practiced. The clarity & granularity received towards the conceptual understanding of software testing  has been one of the highlights & takeaways even to a graduate of electrics like me.

Raphael Kim

Electrician to Software Tester

I decided to take Job Ready Program with Internship right after my study at the university in New Zealand. I registered Job Ready Program before my graduation so that I can prepare for soft-landing to the job market. The experienced tutor contacted me prior to the course to discuss my preparation and  requirements. The course he delivered was exactly what I needed to become a software tester. He was very attentive and ensured we understood every aspect, providing examples to reinforce the training to become a software tester. Still lots to learn and practice but I'm on right track. 

Harris Jung

Graduate to Software Tester

I was a building cleaner and I was seeking for better paying job to feed my family with good money. I decided to become a software tester so, I paid and started to have a training first.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the ISTQB course and Career Counselling and are quite sad that we have now finished it. Thanks very much for providing such excellent international level of material. It was interesting, practical and entertaining and we learned heaps. Many thanks for sending us our certificates! These certificates have promptly been laminated and are now in pride of place up on our office wall. I'm still beginner stage but still want to become a good tester.​

Carlos Dunlop

Cleaner to Software Tester

For months now your material has improved my communication and connection with my team of employees and customers. It gave me a lot of idea and the way getting to meet customer’s testing requirement. program personally would impact me​

David Nguyen

Full time Job offer from Government

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. The trainer’s attitude and personality was exemplary. He displayed a good knowledge of the Software Testing subject and built up a rapport with the attendees in no time. Great course. Some really good hints and tips for ISTQB Exam.​

Ashish Hhurta

Software Tester in TMA Solution

The Job Ready Program - training was very inspirational, energising, bringing lots of ideas, with both substantial and in-depth knowledge together with case studies, learning from experience and being fully practice-oriented.Well-balanced.​

Sudanash Krish

Test Analyst in Australia

I have previously attended the Job Ready Program -  ISTQB Internship course. I have found the ISTQB Foundation course really beneficial at this stage of my Software Testing knowledge. It makes more sense and I can put it into context and practice. The trainer was excellent; Thank you,​

Hira Hunami

Tester in University in Auckland

I know that automation testing is new thing and way better paying compare to manual tester, so I decided to take test automation courses and some job support. The Trainer contacted me prior to the course to discuss our requirements. The course he delivered was exactly what we needed and more. He was very attentive and ensured we understood every aspect, providing examples to reinforce the training.

Aarav Krish

Manual Tester to Automation Tester

Tester, that was my way I decided. So wanting to take a course in AIIT. I was at the Auckland course last week, I am totally re-inspired by trainer regarding of software testing course. I have been completing ISTQB exam successfully – particularly for foundation, I am now easily able to see where the gaps are and what to do next​

Carson Hampton

Fresh new job of Software Tester

The Job Ready Program - Software Testing Course Instructor was definitely an expert on things related to Stability. I liked that the Director has experience in industry. Other courses I've attended have had instructors with academic backgrounds that didn't necessarily transfer or apply to the REAL WORLD. Highly recommend this course to anyone who looking for good job.

Oliveria Eaton

Software Tester

This was a very eye opening program. It helped me to better understand myself as a person and as a software testing leader. The leadership profile was very informative on how I behave naturally in a situation, something I at times didn't realize. It gave me a unique insight into how other people perceive my actions. The program gave me tools to succeed as a good testing leader, it is something I am truly grateful for.​

Peter Tong

Tester in Vodaphone International

Job Ready Program - Test Analyst I took. The staffs are very nice and try to help me in all aspect. The teacher, His interjections of everyday examples really helps. The way he includes the course attendance as input to his examples and exercises really keeps the class interesting

Luke Xi

Secured first job of Test Analyst in Auckland

Was looking for better job opportunity and participated Job program. It definitely helped me a to z. It started with training. theory was based on ISTQB syllabus. Practice is very practical. It includes actual testing tools like selenium, Jmeter, Testlink and others. then Internship was provided and well maintained and supported by lecturers. Weekly performance review meeting was helpful. It's like career coaching. I thumbs up for this program who wants to start new career with software testing part.  Wish to have a success program.”

Dhaval Naeish

Software Engineer in Infosys

When I wanted to develop my software testing skills I knew there would be no better place to learn than AIIT. Because ISTQB is the only certification I should know and recognized in the industry. So, I decided to take a Job Ready Program with course training option.I felt there was a good focus on each individual attending by professor and administrative staffs. All are friendly.

Nguyen Ngoc Tu

Software Tester in Insittute

In my 5+ years as a professional in the field of Software Testing, and as an educator, I have never participated in a workshop/professional development opportunity that comes anywhere close to comparing to On Course with regard to richness, relevance, and professionalism in software engineering. They care about student success in the courses and programs. students chances of getting a good job

Lera Jung

experienced to higher level of tester

Wanted Job in software testing and I have a software tester job. Thanks to AIIT. Now I'm using most of practice I've done during the internal practice at my real work. 5 star I gave. 

Phoung Thi Nguyen

Job offer as a Tester in CMC

The whole aspect/topics of software testing based on ISTQB were just great and very helpful! I found it all to be just right. I was a customer service representative and now I am more confident in software testing field. In general the Job Ready Program and the course was great and you were kept involved

Mark Jeong

Full time job offer of Software Tester

Very good program leads to full time job as a software testing. Instructor was good. He does a good job of explaining the material of software testing in an interesting way. 

Yong Hao

Software Tester

Having just moved into my new Job as a software tester, my new colleagues who had previously attended this job ready program recommended it to me. So I decided to take Job ready program to become a automation tester. The material was very relevant and easy to understand. The course director was flexible in his teaching, tailoring the program to the relevant software testing industries people worked in.

Hong Thi Trang

Full time work at IBM

Although I have some background in testing, I decided to start again my career PROPERLY. so I decided to take the Job Ready Program to become a real tester. Because of my previous testing experience, I didn't expected a course on fundamentals to be that useful. But at the end,  I am now looking forward to using black box techniques with use case  on my current project. Now I'm developing my career as a tester especially at car industry.

Denis Palmer

Got a full time job in Toyota

I highly recommend AIIT Job Ready Program for becoming Software Tester for anyone who is looking to gain knowledge, advance their careers, and earning more. I got an enough annual salary to feed my family now. The professionalism is their motor with genuine interest in students. The Institute use several approaches to learning, since everyone learns differently. Example: Classroom, Online Training, Live Online Training. Highly recommendable.

Hong Thi Huong

Secured Tester job in Intel

The Course Director was absolutely excellent! He made statistics easy to understand and even fun and exciting! His depth of software testing knowledge coupled with his teaching style helps make the class, and I will refer co-workers to attend. Everything covered was relevant for my day job. The Course Director was able to answer all of the questions asked and provided real-left examples. I could not more highly recommend this class to others!

Katrina Utanha

Tester in Tauranga

I'm working at Apple now. This was an excellent software testing instructor whom gave me a lot of insight on validation of software testing planning and design! After course took, I changed mind to register for Job Ready Program. And now I got a full time job. I hope to take other program or courses offered by this institute

Elena V

Full time job in Apple

Finally I got a job yesterday with full time offer. It took total 5 months from beginning of my program. Job Ready Program - Test Analyst. This was a great career stepping point, and there are many opportunities to move into more software testing field as I gain more experience within the new company. The Software Testing Courses and practices were definitely helped during the Job interview and all the study material were very helpful. Thanks for all your help and encouragement!

Dominic Watane

Test Analyst in Software Development Company

I am now confident with the new software testing tools that I have learned from Job Ready Program, how to obtain high level IT requirements and the tools necessary to write some very good software test cases. Very supportive courses. Easy to follow the presentation of instructor. Was able to hear interactions between the student and teacher during the class. This enabled me to have many of my questions answered. The instructor is very knowledable on software testing subject and is available during the course for questions. 

Tomas Dalton

Software Tester

As I wanted to become a software tester, more like a career changer from developer, I was thinking between software tester or automation tester. At the end, I decided to become a automation tester as it looks a bit more of future. I definitely believe that if we can lean something from training course. it's  valuable itself. The instructors were very helpful and knowledgeable about the subjects."

Wei Ping

Developer to Automation Tester

I was taking internship plan for Software Tester. The training was very energising, bringing lots of ideas to become a software tester, with both substantial and in-depth knowledge together with case studies, learning from experience and being fully practice-oriented.Well-balanced composition of participants, which contributed to interesting and focused discussions and exchanges on software testing topics.

Swetha Boinapalli

Tester in Brsibane, Australia

I was a chef and want to change my career and decided to participating to Job Ready Program - Tester. This was the first time in my life I have attended an introductory course in Software Testing that explains software testing tools necessary to test a distinguished competitive advantage in software development. As a result, The course is definitely preparing myself for 'the future'. I was able to get a job offer while I was doing internship and now I have secured full time software tester Job. 

Lucas Kim

Chef to Full time Software Tester, Cumulo9

I chose to become software tester by Job Ready Program. Because I'm doing taxi driver but was to seeking for better future as I graduate computer science in my university.  The training Content and presentation by the facilitators was consistently engaging. Most importantly, each course and practice session provided an excellent review of the challenges and opportunities inherent in each area. I felt challenged and consistently drawn into the exercises and presentations had my full attention due to the way in which they were conducted. I'm still a lot to learn and my journey to successful tester is not yet finished. Thanks a lot!!

Dhaval Desai

Taxi Driver to Software Tester

My previous experiences were based on Business and doing some Business Analyst jobs. I wanted to have a stable and more active job and found software tester job. So, I decided to do a  career change. Thoroughly enjoyed this Job Ready Program and course. The Instructor's attitude and personality was exemplary for me. He displayed a good knowledge of testing skills based on ISTQB certification . Overall, excellent introduction and raised awareness to become a professional software tester. The venue, materials & facilitation was excellent. I recommend this program and training to all IT sector interested in seeing real progress in New Zealand.

Joel Kim

Business Manager to Test Analyst

At first time, I was trying to become a manual tester. But while I was taking a training via AIIT, I would like to become a test automation engineer. I thought the training and practices was great. ISTQB Sample exam was great help to achieve international certification. The pace and duration of the class were appropriate. The instructors were also very supportive and a joy to work with.

John Xu

Automation Tester in Vodaphone

This is the best way to become a software tester. The Trainer’s style of delivery is the best I have ever experienced. He was lively, very knowledgeable on testing and went above and beyond to introduce examples in order to support knowledge intake.​

Sanskrit Acharya

Test Automation Engineer

The program was amazing & I learned a lot from trainer’s experience and insights. Job ready means job ready. Give it a go. I did means you can do.  The subject-matter is timely, relevant and presents and important and necessary way of looking at Software Testing sector reform. I would recommend this course and program to anybody want to become a better paying job worker.​

Anadrash Bradie

Business Owner to Test Analyst

I was preparing for immigration and seeking for help and found AIIT. I feel like they are experienced and supportive. The venue facilities were first class. The Job Ready Program and ISTQB course content was excellent, as was the knowledge and experience of the Trainer, who managed to pack a lot of information into a very short time frame but in a way that was both enjoyable and educational. Recommended. I was able to be secured my job place. ​

Sung Kim

Immigrated as a Software Tester

I wanted to feedback on the totally brilliant Software Testing skills course. It has changed both my work and personal life in such a positive way already. I have been able to employ the skills and tips I learnt, with great results almost immediately. Thanks a lot​

Racheal S.

Tester in Fiserv

Quit job after I had a baby and want to work again. The chance cam to me and took it.  I just wanted to say what a fantastic days I had on your course last time. The instuctor have a great energy and there wasn’t one moment where you didn’t have the full engagement of the audience. I have been to many IT courses but this was definitely one of the best so far​. I am so happy that I became a IT Engineer like software tester.

Catherine Unanzati

House Wife to Software Tester

Your training exceeded my expectations that I had. The study of ISTQB was part of my full training plan. This course has given me new ideas / skills and has made more sense than anything I have been taught before. I can see how the testing strategies fit to me.​

Olivia Anderson

Tester to Test Analyst

I was doing Job Ready Program for Automation Tester. The instructor did an excellent job in presenting all software testing and ISTQB materials and making the course enjoyable, while extremely informative and worthwhile. I found the course highly value added. The instructor's industry experience and knowledge, along with passion for quality and compliance was a great learning experience and value. I highly recommend this course​

Lina Smith

First secured Test Automation Engineer Job

The technical aspects of the Job Ready Program (ISTQB) and internship program was awesome. training were excellent, we had a diverse audience with differing levels of expertise and I think we were the most impressed with the hands on training we received and the instructors ability to comprehensively answer questions​. Now I have an offer form Microsoft.

John Kim

Tester in Microsoft

I was staying at home for a while and decided to do something cool and found tester job and tried. At first, a lots of things are hard to understand but getting better. This is an energizing course that reinforces and introduces leadership in software testing industry that can help you both professionally and personally. Job Ready Program works. Additionally, the Leadership Profile module is a great tool to help understand yourself and how you operate. A very informative and eye-opening program. I thought the instructor covered all the areas of software testing brilliantly

Crudy Peterson

House wife to Software Tester

I GOT A JOB. Really well done overall! I never regret to take this program. Drew together a lot of information by professor I had. Very timely for me as I am now preparing for a immigration. Thanks a~~~ lot.

Amy H

Offered as a Software Tester in Government

Thank you for being such an awesome instructor. I was originally doubtful but at the end, the result was great. So I made the decision to take this ISTQB class on him, and I'm so glad I did! Never have I enjoyed a class so much, and most importantly, learned so much. And I can't believe it's an online class!! You've put in so much effort to make this class the best possible experience for us, and I thank you for it.

Heather A

Got a Job offer from Samsung

I was a working holiday guy and want to do more by program. The Program instructor brings a wealth of knowledge about Software testing and its certification for Quality Assurance and Quality Control of Software. Course with great enthusiasm, and energy. His teaching style, knowledge and experience is applicable for students with varying experience in industry from the very experienced to the less experienced.​

Tuianh Benson

Working Holiday to Tester

I was at home for a while and wanting to continue my career but rather decided for seeking new career. And I found software tester Job Ready Program that helped me to get a software testing job. Without help, it would be much more difficult to change my career. The instructor was well versed in software testing technology. The ISTQB material is extremely informative and well structured. My appreciation goes out to the instructor and AIIT and even for ISTQB for job well done

Larissa Holme

Housewife to Software Tester

Excellent IT course! ISTQB Materials and instructions were easy to understand and follow and can be applied to career activities as well as in my personal life. The instructor kept the pace moving and presented excellent activities and class participation to really drive points home. I have attended several training courses with ISTQB as well as others and this was the best course and instructor I have encountered.​

Nguyen Thi Minh Khai

Software Tester

The things I like most about the Job Ready Program was the very thorough and clear format along with practices and software testing subjects. a log of having the opportunity to discuss issues openly regarding of study and practice software testing tools and able to get international certification. I was preparing internship well and now I got a FULL TIME JOB and honestly really appreciated 

Lina Hyuna Park

Software Tester

At first time, I was little afraid. But after the program finished, I started to thought the class was very informational & interesting. It gave me  detailed explanations of how to create test plans, test case, test case design document, test designs, test report, estimation, etc. I definitely see the need for theses documents in real world. Actually, Now I use these documents at my work. THAT'S REALLY HELPFUL. Very interesting to understand the differences between a "tester" and a "Quality Assurance". The instructor is a great instructor, very friendly & also kept us entertained with humor. I'm excited about many of the ideas I've learned & anxious to try them, especially decision tables techniques. 

Kyu Park

Software Tester in LG Electronic

During my gap of working, I had a 6 month available so I have decided to become a software tester. "Career Changer"to study for the software testing exam. After payment of Job Ready Program, I started to take a course and AIIT gave me an online self study link to study. As a result I got a 80% score of ISTQB certification exam. I passed the exam with ease. AIIT's question set had a similar style of ISTQB real exam and construction to the actual exam. Thanks a lot 

Meeja Jeong

Software Tester

AIIT is fantastic! I've never been disappointed with the program, class, practice and internship I had or instructors! All teaching staffs are very informative and well worth the time! 

Jane Lim

Software Tester in HSBC

As a Tester, I have attended several courses with AIIT the past and believe them to be the best in terms of content based on ISTQB. It's theological at first time but at the end, there are much things to practice. I have always found that I come away feeling inspired and with valuable new software testing tools and techniques that I can implement into my software testing  assignment and activities

Tim Moller

Junior to Senior Software Tester

Testing was new things to me. At first stage I was afraid to try new things and it was my big challenge. But I decided to try though. So I registered the program and this instructor presented the class material extremely well and easy to understand. and even friendly. so that make me comfortable to start with. The instructor is superbly software testing knowledgeable and very articulate. I would recommend this program and course to all testers, and especially to programmers, a way for them to learn what testers do. If you want to become a real tester, this is the option you should choose.

Tim Moller

Software Tester

Thank you for organizing such a beneficial program of Job Ready to become a software tester. I will be able to apply most of the software testing methods in my everyday work. According to my software testing experience, capturing and analyzing the requirements is one of the most challenging activities in the testers life. 

Hao Wang

Software Tester, China Bank

Very good! Did use a lot of software testing skills for practice during course. Taught in plain English which means the attendees will be able to apply what they learned anywhere. Great exercises and samples for software testing job.

Haylee Ha

Offered as a Tester in Government

Very Enjoyable instructor. He is a ISTQB qualified trainer and knows how to teach to pass the exam. Gave me few sample exam helped me to pass the exam. As a result, I passed the exam. Then, I chose to practice some tools for work usage. The class was never boring and the interchange between the class and the instructor was excellent. The subject matter was covered thoroughly and  It's was good experiences for myself. 

Woo Jang

tester to senior tester