Usability Tester Job in New Zealand

Usability Tester

Usability testing refers to evaluating software by testing it with representative users. Typically users will attempt to complete typical tasks while observers watch, listen and take notes. The goal is to identify any usability problems, collect data and determine the users’ satisfaction with the product.

Software skill Requirement


Well-paid job in New Zealand

According to the research of CareerNZ and absoluteIT, tester job’s salary is Lower Average : $60 per Hour, Medium Average : $90 per Hour, Upper Average : $100 per Hour

Long-term Shortage List

Lots of Job

Average 1,200 tester jobs are listed on seek ( in New Zealand .  AIIT has more than 200 exclusive tester job listing from partners. 

Long-term Career Path

What is a Job Ready Program?

 The Job Ready Program is designed for people wanting to get their first software tester job in IT Industry.  This includes international software qualification course, Internship and job placement support.  Participants will be led by  experienced tester expert the entire way, and receive hands-on coaching, one-on-one mentoring. 

Learning Theory

To be a tester, international standard theory for tester is required. our program is based on ISTQB syllabus and Glossary. Soft skills are included.

Practical Skills

Prepare and learn for real-life software testing skill used in New Zealand Government projects and commercial world. 

International Certification


Have “Real-life” job experience testing by involving in government invested, large scale, reputable projects in all over the New Zealand.

Job Support

Provides necessary support to take a next step. Be offered opportunities for employment through our government project partner and commercial partners

Job Reference

Step 1 : Training

Classroom Training

All our classroom training is based on ISTQB International certification scheme which will be led by ISTQB trainer. 

Duration : 4 weeks ~ 8 weeks

2 sessions per week, 3 hours per session in the morning/afternoon/evenings for Mon/Wed or Tue/Thu

Online Training

You will have a Online training access.  Upskill yourself with training delivered at a location that is convenient for you

Duration : Study at your own pace

What to learn?

1.1 Fundamentals
1.1.1 Usability
1.1.2 User Experience Concepts
1.1.3 Accessibility
1.2 Evaluating Usability, User Experience and Accessibility
1.2.1 Usability Evaluation
1.2.2 User Experience Evaluation
1.2.3 Accessibility Evaluation
1.3 Usability Evaluation in Human-Centered Design
1.3.1 Usability Requirements
1.3.2 Agile Usability Evaluation

2.1 Introduction.
2.2 Typical Risks
2.2.1 Usability Risks
2.2.2 User Experience Risks
2.2.3 Accessibility Risks
2.2.4 Project Risks 

3.1 Usability Standards and Manufacturer Guidelines
3.1.1 ISO Usability Standards
3.1.2 Manufacturer Guidelines
3.2 Accessibility Standards
3.2.1 ISO Standards
3.2.2 The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)
3.2.3 Accessibility Legislation

4.1 Introduction and Approach
4.1.1 Step-By-Step Approach to Usability Reviews
4.1.2 Risks and Challenges
4.2 Types of Usability Review
4.2.1 Informal Usability Review
4.2.2 Expert Usability Review
4.2.3 Heuristic Evaluation 

5.1 Introduction
5.2 Step-By-Step Approach to Usability Testing
5.3 Prepare Usability Test
5.3.1 Usability Test Plan
5.3.2 Usability Test Script
5.3.3 Usability Test Tasks
5.3.4 Test Location
5.3.5 Usability Test Lab
5.3.6 Pilot Usability Test Session
5.4 Conduct Usability Test Sessions
5.5 Analysis of Findings
5.6 Communicate Results and Findings
5.6.1 Results
5.6.2 Usability Findings
5.6.3 Selling Findings to Stakeholders
5.6.4 Usability Test Report
5.6.5 Best Practices in Usability Test Reporting
5.7 Quality Control of a Usability Test
5.8 Challenges and Frequent Mistakes

6.1 Introduction
6.2 Step-By-Step Approach to User Surveys
6.3 Standardized Questionnaires

7.1 Criteria for Selecting a Method
7.1.1 Selecting a Usability Evaluation Method
7.1.2 Selecting a User Experience Evaluation Method
7.1.3 Selecting an Accessibility Evaluation Method

8.1 Usability Tester
8.2 Moderator and Note-Take

Provide Sample Exam

Participants need to sit the ISTQB certification official exam in order to acquire the certification. So, We provide sample exams. Participants need to achieve 65% in order to pass the examination. You can retake exam if you fail.

Learning Support

Provides necessary support to take a next step. All our training is supervised by our leaderships.

Study Materials (35,000+)

Step 2 : Internship

Internship for Government / Commercial Project

After your course and if you pass the ISTQB certification exam, you will start the government project or commercial project internship (unpaid).

This Internship provides Career-oriented IT Skills (Testing). Analysis skills and Communication skills are also led by Mentor. We guarantee the quality of internship and its opportunities. The internship is where you gain government project and/or commercial project experience which can then be nicely added to your CV/Resume. There are projects for Full-time or Part-time (3 days per week)  or Part-time (Evenings).  The internship, location and schedule will be arranged at the end of the practical course.

Participants may choose the project that they are interested in.  In most cases, we will require you to sign a internship contract at the beginning of the project prior to starting your internship. You will be working in the office within a team and will be required to follow the project policies, regulation and requirements.

You will be guided by senior  testers 1:1 mentoring system.

Duration : 8 weeks

Our internship program is for 2 months contract with the option to request an extension. This extension should be agreed by relevant authorities. Terms and Conditions apply. Due to nature of Internship,  we don’t guarantee Full time Job offer. However, a lot of our faithful internships are getting full time job offer. we will do our best to meet employer’s expectation together with you.

Step 3 : Job Support

Interview Simulation

We will have an interview simulation with you to prepare real job interview

Dedicated Recruiter

We will assign your dedicated recruiter who will work with you to prepare for an interview. 

CV Review

Job References

We will issue Job Reference Letter with recommendation. This will be beneficial for getting an ideal job. This letter includes names, address and phone number of who issue the letter.

Job Interview with Internship Employer

After you complete the internship or while you are doing internship, your dedicated recruiter will arrange an job interview with your current internship employer.

Job Interview with other Employer

Current Employers

Auckland Council, St John (Staffs: 2,500), Vector (Staffs: 2,000), Vodafone (Staffs: 3,000), Spark (Staff: 6,000), Datacom (Staffs: 5,000) and more