We are a Software Testing experts

We connects highly skilled candidates with employers in temporary and permanent positions, for a Software Tester related field only. Whether you’re looking for your next career opportunity or looking to hire new talent, AIIT recruitment services can help you.  Our instructors are also skilled mentors, developers and architects. We believe that learning, using and maintaining solid software execution and delivery methods are as important as gaining sharp coding skills. Best Practices for software development and execution, beyond technical coding skills, are enforced throughout all of our courses and discussions. Our team brings this extensive experience into every classroom and engagement. Most of our folks are also well known speakers and published authors. Profiles are always available upon request.


Although our team has extensive experience using a variety of tools and solutions, our core servicet is “technology-centric”. Our aim is to guide you the best skills and solutions out there. Our recruitment practical experience carries over into yours every time. Our staff can give you honest opinions, based on real experience, about which job, position, tools and solutions may work for your team and project.

Approved Training Provider

Software testing training and education helps to prepare you for ISTQB software tester certification. This is the first step toward getting the software testing job or promotion you want.  ISTQB recommends that you prepare for the ISTQB exams by utilizing an ISTQB-accredited training provider. We cannot confirm the accuracy or authenticity of other, non-accredited online test preparation sites or materials.

An ISTQB-accredited course offers you these advantages:

  • It is shown to thoroughly cover the content in the syllabus / body of knowledge for a given certification, helping to adequately prepare you for the exam.

  • It typically contains a high number of practical exercises, making it useful for your real-world testing challenges.

Content is Wholly-Owned

Our course content is developed by and wholly-owned by our organization, and therefore easily customizable by our own expert team to suit your organization’s unique requirements and goals.

Our comprehensive manuals include not only a hard copy of the course presentation, but also detailed reference notes, pertinent diagrams and charts, current lists of suggested online resources and articles, and often technical tutorials or white papers geared to the topics at hand.