Job Ready Program

Since 2006, we provides Job Ready program for software tester Job Seekers. We will provide continuously in-demand certificate course and job skills for New Zealand Market.

We are following International Standard and New Zealand recognized learning scheme.
AIIT helped 1,500+ participants enter the Software Testing Industry and worked with local governments on employment projects.

YES. We provide guarantee for internship placement. This is a REAL project internship. 

Yes for Job Guarantee program only.  We’ll train Technical Skills in demand and real Commercial Internship Experience with soft skills. At all time, We will help you to maximize your change to get a job.

It varies on the different program you choose. Our Job Ready program runs usually for 8 weeks of training and 8 weeks of internship. 

8 weeks training Session Time

  • Mon/Wed 6PM to 9PM
  • Tue/Thu 6PM to 9PM

8 weeks of Internship

  • Full-time – 5 days per week from 9:00am to 5:00pm
  • Part-time – 2 to 3 days a week at agreed start and finish time.
  • Casual


It varies on the different projects. There are both part-time and full-time internships. You will be guided your the best program for you. 

The success rate of candidate looking for a job is determined by their level of knowledge, previous experience and  attitude. 

Before we can offer you a place on our programme, we need to review your CV to  evaluate your degree, technical background and  experience. We may also require a face-to-face interview during the process.

Because our courses are 8 weeks Part-time, It’s is considered as short course which can be undertaken while visiting New Zealand.

Yes. Because our courses are short term and internship are unpaid, You can join. For detail Visa condition, please refer to New Zealand Immigration website. 

No. All our internships are unpaid. 

No. According to New Zealand Immigration, You can do unpaid work while visiting New Zealand. On a visitor visa you can do volunteer work while in New Zealand, provided you receive no gain or reward. Because our all internships are unpaid, You do NOT need a work visa. Detail can be found on New Zealand immigration website at

1. The fee will be charged in New Zealand Dollar.

2. The fee is GST included.

3. Full payment by bank transfer and  4% surcharge applies if pay by Credit Card

4. If you are a PR or Citizen of New Zealand, installment is available. E.g. monthly payments. 

  1. Submit your CV first then, our friendly staff will be in touch with you for the next step
  2. AIIT will review your CV with potential employers to determine the offer to send
  3. Receive the offer & Choose a success plan
  4. Join the training sessions for 8 weeks. This will be based on ISTQB program. Get Tester certification.
  5. Join a commercial internship project for 8 weeks & Gain the experience
  6. Win the interviews 
  7. Get a full time Job offer

Classroom Training

  1. You can register on website first. 
  2. Select any course you are interested and pay for that
  3. All of our program includes ISTQB Exam.
  4. If you want to register for exam only, please refer to ANZTB website (

You can pay for classes directly online at the time of registration or you can purchase an allotment of Flexible Training Credits and apply them to your registrations. These can be purchased by credit card (VISA, MasterCard) 

In most circumstances the limit is 6 students for both public and private classes.

Our philosophy is to offer students a choice of learning formats and have all formats include multiple modes of learning. All courses include a high percentage of hands-on and/or self-study activities and a very small amount of one-way lecture by the instructor, to provide students the opportunity to learn by doing and watching and not just listening.

All of our courses are offered as both public open enrollment and private classes. They can be delivered either online or in a classroom, and some are available as self-study. We provide similar experiences in online and classroom deliveries. The instructor shares his/her display in one case on a projection screen and in the other via web conferencing, but in either case students use the same materials and schedule and largely have the same overall learning experience.

We recommend that each registration be made individually, by the person attending the course or exam.

Online Training

Each of our students is provided with their own Course Advisor. You will be able to communicate with them via telephone, Email or live chat during NZ business hours.There is also the option to contact our Support Team. They can be contacted via Email at [email protected]

Our learning platforms are compatible on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. However, if you do have any issues, our Support Team can be contacted via email at [email protected]

Yes, our ISTQB accredited e-learning courses have follow the same syllabus that is used for ISTQB accredited classroom courses. This ensures that you will receive exactly the same training as if you were participating in classroom training.

ISTQB accredited courseware gives you the piece of mind that you can study the same materials as you would in an official ISTQB organized training session. Learning from ISTQB accredited e-learning materials will also increase your chances of passing ISTQB certification. Obtaining such certification will give you an internationally recognized status in the software and hardware testing community.

Testing experience is certainly beneficial for this course, however the only requirement is that you have passed ISTQB Foundation Certificate examination.


What is the exam format for Foundation?

Foundation: The Foundation Level exam consists of 40 multiple choice questions designed to evaluate a candidate’s knowledge and understanding of the entire Foundation syllabus. A grade of 65% or better must be attained in order to pass. The exam is a closed book exam. You have 60 minutes to finish.

What is the exam format for ISTQB Agile Tester Extension?

ISTQB Agile Tester Extension – Foundation Level: The Agile Extension exam consists of 40 multiple choice questions designed to evaluate a candidate’s knowledge and understanding of the Agile syllabus. A grade of 65% or better must be attained in order to pass. The exam is a closed book exam. You have 60 minutes to finish.Proof of CTFL certification is required in order to be granted access to register for the exam at a test center. 


What is the exam format for ISTQB Advanced?

Advanced: Each of the Advanced Level exams is composed of multiple-choice questions that vary in points awarded by knowledge level. They correspond to the three different subject areas: “Technical Test Analyst,” “Test Analyst,” and “Test Manager.”

Advanced Level “Test Analyst” has 60 questions to be completed in three hours.
Advanced Level “Test Manager” has 65 questions to be completed in three hours.
Advanced Level “Technical Test Analyst” has 45 questions to be completed in two hours.
Advanced Level “Security Tester” has 45 questions to be completed in two hours.
Advanced Level “Test Automation Engineer” has 40 questions to be completed in two hours.
All three areas must be passed with a grade of 65% or better in order to receive the full Advanced Level certification. You may sit for only one Advanced Level Exam at a time. See the webinar on the Advanced Level syllabi on the syllabi page for more information.

What is the exam format for ISTQB Expert?

Expert: The Expert Level is quickly evolving and adding new modules. See the Expert Level Syllabi for a full listing of available or upcoming Expert Level certifications.Expert Level Test Management consists of three exams:

Expert Test Management – Strategic
Expert Test Management – Operational
Expert Test Management – Managing the Test Team
In order to achieve “CTEL-TM Full” (Certified Tester Expert Level – Test Management Full) all three exams must be passed with a 65% passing score. And one must first qualify by passing the the CTAL-TM (Certified Tester Advanced Level – Test Manager) and submitting proof that you have five years of full-time experience in test management.

Each of the exams consists of multiple choice and essay questions, and examinees must choose to answer two of the three essay questions provided.

Scoring: Your score is determined as follows:

35 points possible for multiple choice questions
50 points possible for each of the two essay questions
135 total points
When you take any of the exams at a test center, you will not receive your score at the end, since your essays need to be graded by our team of experts. This can take three to four weeks.

No. The questions come from a pool of questions and are being combined differently so that the exam itself changes constantly while the level of difficulty remains comparable. New questions are constantly being developed by the VTB’s subject matter experts.

Yes, you may take the exam as many times as desired. Full payment is required for each attempt.

No, you don’t have to take a course in order to take the exam. That is one of the characteristics that makes ISTQB software tester certification unique: you may self study, study with colleagues, or take a course. That said, many people find the courses very helpful, particularly if they would like to prepare quickly, or are taking a higher level exam. See the list of VTB Accredited ISTQB Software Testing Training Providers.

Yes, we have everything you need to know about ISTQB Certification in the “ISTQB in a Nutshell” presentation in ISTQB Website. You will also find additional information about each of the levels on the ISTQB certification syllabi / body of knowledge page.

For a paper-based exam, you can apply to VTB at least a week in advance of your exam to receive extra time to take the exam, if you will be using a translation dictionary.

After exam, there is a validation process to make sure. this may take up to 1 weeks to 2 weeks. then, your certification will be issued and delivered through secure delivery system by Vietnam Post. This may take 1 week to 4 weeks depend on where you live and how busy with post system.

We are ISTQB accredited by ANZTB and VTB. If you want to take an exam with ANZTB, then please visit to register and pay for the exam by yourself. All Job Ready program / Pass Guarantee programs are based on VTB unless otherwise noticed.