Internship at Commercial Project

Internship at Commercial Project

If choose to do commercial project internship (unpaid), there are numerous options in New Zealand.

This Internship provides Career-oriented IT Skills (Testing). Analysis skills and Communication skills are also led by Mentor. We guarantee the quality of internship and its opportunities. The internship is where you gain government project and/or commercial project experience which can then be nicely added to your CV/Resume. There are projects for Full-time or Part-time (3 days per week)  or Part-time (Evenings).  The internship, location and schedule will be arranged at the end of the practical course.

Participants may choose the project that they are interested in.  In most cases, we will require you to sign a internship contract at the beginning of the project prior to starting your internship. You will be working in the office within a team and will be required to follow the project policies, regulation and requirements.

You will be guided by senior  testers 1:1 mentoring system.

Duration : 8 weeks

Our internship program is for 2 months contract with the option to request an extension. This extension should be agreed by relevant authorities. Terms and Conditions apply. Due to nature of Internship,  we don’t guarantee Full time Job offer. However, a lot of our faithful internships are getting full time job offer. we will do our best to meet employer’s expectation together with you.

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