Need a Software Intern? It's free

As a software testing expert and an accredited software testing training provider, Interns are available to support where your resource requirements allow for them. As an unpaid but experienced staffing solution, they can provide perfect cover for project work. A percentage of our partners and employers decide to welcome interns as permanent employee following their internship period. 

Hosting an intern is completely legal if it is a genuine work experience, vocational placement or volunteering arrangement. For more information, please visit the website of MBIE

1. Apply

Do you need an intern? Please apply by the link “Hire an Intern” form.

Some of interns are highly experienced in IT field who just need New Zealand Job experiences. 

2. Mataching

We will search for candidates that match your specific requirements.Once a match has been found, we’ll forward the candidates profile for your consideration.

3. Interview

Will arrange an interview for you with the candidate; through face-to-face only. No phone, no skype. Our candidates are ready for interview at your office. 

4. Hire

We provides an internship agreement to sign and to formalise the relationship between the intern and your company. Then, The intern is ready to start work.


Certified Tester

All our testers & interns are internationally recognized certification holder by ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualification Board –


All of our interns are ready for unpaid. Many of our interns are experienced IT engineers. Our intern can assist for special projects or research off the ground. Equally, your current staff could be freed up for tasks where higher-level, strategic thinking or expertise is required. 

Stress Fee

Getting an intern via us guarantees you a stress free experience. As we are specialised on software testing industry and having successful assisted many of interns to find a place within New Zealand companies

35,000+ Resource provided 

Our community provides more than 35,000 software testing related ebooks, articles and certification resources. All FREE. 120,000 testers are sharing each others. (



There will be no arrangement/placement fee for employers who are looking for unpaid internship. No hidden cost.